Poetry Competition Winner

4 October, 2018

As National Poetry Day began to approach we launched a Poetry Competition for all of our foster children and birth children to take part in.

National Poetry Day is a UK wide celebration of poetry and all things poetical. It is about everybody sharing, reading, writing and enjoying poetry.

With this years theme being ‘change’ we asked the children to write about how foster care has changed their life for the chance to win a £10 voucher of their choice.

The competition winner, 15 year old foster child Holly shared a extremely powerful poem that documented the incredible changes that foster care has had on her life – she entitled the poem My New Life:

I was born in Romania, child number four
We lived in one room and we slept on the floor
The room was very dirty, it was damp and it smelt
Unfortunately those were the cards we were dealt
In my culture they’d do anything for money – even babies were sold
They only did it because they were hungry and cold

I don’t have many nice memories of us living there
Because we didn’t have anything and It didn’t feel fair
Then one day felt different, we caught a boat and a train
As we headed for England excitement flooded my brain
Maybe we’d now own a mansion and never be apart?
But I got that all wrong and that was only the start!

I could go on all day about the bad stuff I faced
But you’d be here for hours and it’s hardly the place
One day my world changed as the police met me from school
I was scared and confused – it was really uncool
That day I entered care, I was only 9 years old
Two strangers in front of me, “Your new family” I’m told

Long story short but it didn’t work then
After 2years i moved, “why me? It’s not fair”
Then when I met my new carers, i was really quite pleased
We clicked straight away, I felt completely at ease
I love how I can now, feel safe and secure
At first it felt strange – I’d never felt this before!

My new family’s great, I finally feel I belong
I love how they don’t judge me, even when I do things wrong
So thank you social services for rescuing me
I’m finally happy and feel like I’m free.

We’re delighted with the response we’ve had from our poetry competition. The poems we’ve received from children are mind-blowing.

It’s great for the children to reflect on the changes they’ve faced throughout their lives. Judging by the standard of poems, children have really shown an appetite for poetry and a willingness to deliver an accurate account of their childhood.

Holly’s poem particularly stood out as it truly demonstrates the impact fostering can have on a vulnerable child’s life. It also reinforces how valuable foster carers can be.  

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