Monthly Archives: January 2016

How Important Is It To Keep Children With Siblings?

8 January, 2016

According to local authorities with the support of leading organisations, there are currently 52.050 children in foster care with 32% of those children under five years of age and 61% aged between 5 and 15. 52% of these children are living with their foster carers on their 18th birthday and 70% of siblings in foster […]

32% of Fostered Children are Under Five – A Mother’s Perspective

6 January, 2016

Our recent infographic highlighted some of the key facts and statistics that showcase the good work carried out by foster carers and local authorities. We reached out to a few parent bloggers to ask them for their thoughts. Helen Gandy is an award winning blogger, you can read her pieces daily at All The Beautiful […]

Do You Think Foster Parenting Should Be Seen As An Income Stream?

4 January, 2016

Child care is one of the most important things in many people’s lives, but how is this represented in the views of the public with regard to foster care? Fostering children means that they can often receive crucial care on a short-term basis and is one of the key ways in which the state looks […]