Thinking about being a Foster Carer? The Top 15 Articles and Blogs You Should Read

15 September, 2015

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18/05/11 – Foster Care: ‘The Best Job I’ve Ever Done’ – The Guardian

This article looks at Jim Bond who has been a foster carer for 18 years and strongly believes that the rewards far outweigh the tough experiences. It also contains many statistics about the shortage of carers in the UK.


14/08/14 – Could You Be a Foster Parent? – Huffington Post

This article looks at worries that many people have when considering foster care, from their biological children’s ages to whether or not they have a spare room.


04/03/15 – Gay, bisexual and transgender foster parents and adopters step forward – The Guardian

This article looks to overcome the stereotypes and myths surrounding LGBT foster parents. It states that if 1% of the LGBT population were to foster, there would no longer be any children waiting for a new home.


04/03/15 – Do Adoption and Fostering Allowances Cover the Costs? – The Guardian

This article looks at the costs and payments that foster carers need to consider. It is useful for anyone considering foster care but who is concerned about affordability.


13/05/15 – What was it like for Foster Children before you could Stay Put? – ISP

After the age of 18 foster children are forced to leave their homes. This article provides some insight into the Staying Put initiative and what it means for foster children.


01/06/15 – Plea for 8000 more Foster Carers to give Teenagers Stable Lives – Huffington Post

This article discusses the need for more foster carers and why the UK needs them so badly. It considers the effect that a foster carer can have on the life of a child who needs them.


02/06/15 – Children in Foster Care deserve a Positive Future as much as any Child – Huffington Post

This article tells the story of Carla who was fostered from the age of 12 and despite a challenging beginning went to university and finally began work at a Fostering Agency. Carla attributes a lot of her success to her positive foster family who continued to support her throughout her adult life, and the article provides a great outlook for those considering fostering teenagers.


11/06/15 – How do you become a Foster Carer? – ISP

This great infographic shows the process to becoming a foster carer in an way that is easy to read and understand.


16/06/15 – I am not a Saint. I am a Foster Mom – Huffington Post

This article looks at a foster parent in America and her foster son who recently graduated from a prestigious university. She discusses her experiences with the children, and that while she has faced many struggles she still feels very lucky to be a foster mom.


09/07/15 – Learning with Family – ISP

This article follows the story of Clare and David and their foster child Natasha as she moves through foster care to success in her career and passing her driving test. This success story should give the reader an outlook on the positive effects that foster care can have on children in care.


27/07/15 – 9 Reasons Why Being a Foster Carer Rocks – Huffington Post

This article gives some great positive reasons as to why anyone considering foster care should take the plunge and sign up.


29/07/15 – The TSD Workbook – ISP

Many foster carers on MumsNet raised concerns about the TSD workbook and how to complete it. This article gives some great tips to getting through the booklet with as little stress as possible.


04/08/15 – Our Family and Our Foster Care Journey – Huffington Post

This article follows the real life story of the author who was fostered. It provides an insightful look into the life of a foster child later in life.


Priceless Mother Daughter Friendship



Suddenly Mummy: Adoption and Fostering

This blog follows a full time foster carer and single mum on her adventures through Foster Care and provide the reader with some great insight into her real life experiences.


Our Journey to Your Adoption: Adoption and Fostering

Madeleine Melcher writes this open account of her family life. Being adopted from foster care herself, she is well qualified to write about fostering and has also gone through the adoption process for her three children. Whilst her blog is largely focused on adoption she also includes her insights on fostering and has recently featured Dr John DeGarmo (Foster Parent and author) as a guest blogger. It should be noted that this blog is American and so some technical details may not be the same in the UK.


Want to learn more? Why not try these great news segments that we’ve found on foster care?


Fostering giving many children “A Friend for Life” – BBC News

This video feature looks at the story of one young woman and her experience in foster care.


Foster Care Myths threaten Crisis – BBC News

This video attempts to bust some of the myths surrounding foster care and to explain the urgent need for foster parents in the UK. It is interesting for those looking for facts about foster care.


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